How to organise small rodents' cages?

Specific requirements for each species

There are many species of small rodents: guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats and miceare some.

Each of these species has its own character, behaviour and requirements. The guinea pig, for example, is a herbivore, while rats and mice are omnivores. There are many ready-made mixes available suitable for the needs of each one. Gasco proposes all-in-one mixesfor hamsters, chinchillas and guinea pigs, some of which comprise an assortment of seeds and cereals.

petits rongeurs

The need for peace

With regard to the living environment of these small animals, there are some common rules.

First tip: put their cage in a safe place.Small rodents tend to be stressed. The presence of other pets is particularly stressful for them, particularly cats, which consider them as prey. Despite this, some of these pets are very sociable, very adaptable and learn very quickly how human beings work. This is the case of mice and rats which, after a phase of distrust, quickly become friendly.

Another piece of advice is not to mix different species in the same room.Rabbits, for example, do not like the smell of rats and even flee places where they sense them. Be sure that you have enough rooms to allocate a different room to each species.

An easy-to-organise cage

Lastly, concerning what to put in their cage, it isn’t very difficult. The cage has to be big enoughand must have sufficient feeders and troughs. Ensure that clean water is always available. Lastly, don’t hesitate to add little shelterswhere they can sleep, as well as some toys. As for their hygiene, choose good quality litter and change it regularly. Litter based on Gasco maize kernelsis naturally hypoallergenic to ensure better hygiene and comfort for your pet.