How to arrange the hen house?

A well-designed hen house!

The hen houseis not just where hens lay eggs. It is also a place of well-being for them.

So, before asking yourself about what you need for your hen house, it is important to understand the lifestyle of hens.To start, you need to know that they can live alone, but they prefer to live in groups. Like other species, there are rules of hierarchy and quarrels do happen because some are more assertive than others.  To make thiscohabitationsmooth, it is recommended to introduce the hens at the same age. This simultaneous introduction thus avoids the appearance of new germs.

Now let’s look at the hen house. Inside the hen house, the hens set up a system in which each one manages their own space. It is therefore essential for the hen house to be large enough in relation to the number of hens. On average, one hen requires 0.5 m² to 1 m².In terms of space, the main thing is to avoid over-population. Be careful: if the hens do not feel calm, they will not laycorrectly.

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Living areas to respect

More concretely, what do I need to put in my hen house? There must be feeders, troughs and nesting boxes. Make sure that these are protected from draughts and do not expose them to the sun.Also ensure that there are enough feeders and troughsso that each one can eat and drink regularly. Concerning nesting boxes, the only recommendation to follow is that they must be raised. Hens lay better when they are at a height. So that they can reach them, install ramps or ladders. Don’t forget to put down straw or litter  to absorb the fall of the egg and for hygienic purposes.

Orientation is crucial

Now, let’s look at the orientation of the hen house. It mus be sheltered from draughtsbecause hens are very sensitive to wind.The entrances must be situated on the same side as the sun and to the south, to avoid exposure to the wind from the west. To avoid the appearance of illnesses or infections, ensure that the hen house is sufficiently airedand that it does not get damp. For the comfort of your hens and the appearance of your garden, Gasco has developed a practical designer hen housewhich meets these criteria and can be assembled in less than an hour.

But a hen house is only well designed if it is well protected! Hens are prey to outside predators  such as foxes and even sometimes your pet dogs, which see them as game. To avoid this, bring the hens inside the hen house over night. If necessary, install an electric fence.