Gascotte: a snack for all tastes

coquille d'huître alimentation gasco
pop corn gascotte - friandise pour poule


Your hens will love these GASCOTTE fun treats with added natural elements for their well-being.

100% made in France

Biscuits made in the Gers with grain from the Gers.

Why do hens needsentertainment?

Amuse your hens!

In the wild, hens spend two-thirds of their time looking for food.

To stop them getting bored and give them exercise, you have to stimulate your hens by offering them treats, which they'll love.

These snacks are even specially designed for hens (pop-corn flavoured, dried black soldier fly larvae, mixed-flavoured biscuits).

Sprinkle the treats in the coop to spoil your hens, make them happy, get them moving and distract them.