graines pour oiseaux de la marque gasco

Range "Étoilé" presentation

With our range "Étoilé", help the birds of the garden to face the winter by offering them the best seeds!

Nature's birds are part of our natural environment and are a pleasure for our eyes and ears. We enjoy listening to their songs, observing them in their diversity, yet these inhabitants of our gardens are threatened, especially from the first cold.

Birds are the first victims of human activities. In rural and urban areas, they find less and less solutions to feed naturally.

As autumn approaches, temperatures drop and food resources become scarce.

In winter, cold, frost and snow make life difficult for them by limiting access for food and drink.

In these difficult contexts, small everyday actions can help these birds find the resources they need to survive.

We have created the "Étoilé" range to offer these small species natural and high nutritional value seeds, in any season.

The seeds we have selected are the most appreciated by these birds. Proposed shelled and 100% consumed, they avoid waste and dirt in our gardens.

How to help the birds of our gardens?

Bringing food to the birds of your gardens helps them to resist the lack of food resources, and temperature drops in the fall.

The 4 recipes that make up the "Étoilé" range have been designed to meet the needs of the birds of the garden in all naturalness.

Unlike traditional mixtures, which birds peck at leaving the hulls that end up strewn around the feeders, these recipes are shelled and 100% consumed. They save the mess and cleaning. Your purchase is 100% optimized and your garden clean!

With their composition of rich and nutritious foods made in France, our 4 starred recipes are real treats for birds:

  • Hulled peanuts

    High nutritional value seeds for small species.

  • Hulled sunflower

    Seeds rich in fat and vitamins E.

  • 4 season bird mix

    A year-round, wheat-free seed blend (consisting of dehulled sunflower, shelled peanut, oatmeal, and cane groats, wild seeds, hempseed, flaxseed, niger.)

  • Winter Garden Blend

    A high energy menu to face the cold (supplemented with granules of fat, insects, raisins, cereal flakes ...)

We advise you :

As of January / February, set the nest boxes so that the birds have time to tame them.

From the first cold, bring them reserves of seeds in the feeders, and do not forget to make them available water!

Did you know ?

Helping birds to feed themselves also protects biodiversity and protects against unwanted insects

It is also good to know that by helping these birds to protect themselves from the climate, you preserve the biodiversity of your garden.

Did you know, for example, that tits are predatory to processionary caterpillars, dangerous for both our pets and humans?

Birds are predators of many unwanted insects. Protecting them means protecting yourself from their dangers and preserving a natural balance.

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