Nutrisi - An all-in-one, natural, nutritional formula

“Nutrisi, an all-in-one, natural and nutritional formula approved by our vets to be sure you are giving your animal the best.

Nutrisi is enriched with Verm-X, a gentle plant-based formula with active complexes that provide all-year-round intestinal control and protection.

A practical and unique design, a 2-in-1 feeder tub installed in an instant, providing 35 meals for 1 hen!

3 recettes 100 % naturelles : Nutrisi Coquille – Nutrisi Anti-stress – Nutrisi Plumage; pour s’adapter aux besoins spécifiques de votre animal soit en phase de croissance, en période de ponte… »

des poules picorant des graine de la marque gasco
visuel nutrisi de la marque gasco