Dog and cat food and hygiene

BARF : a return to original food

Dogs are carnivorous animals which need to eat animal-origin proteins. They therefore regularly need to eat meat: red meat or poultry.

There are many ways to feed your dog. Usually, dogs are fed on dry food (kibble) or wet food (swill). But today, a new trend is developing. It’s known as BARFand the aim is to return to a natural diet. The aim of this trend is above all to do away with industrial food. Concretely, it involves making your pet’s food yourself from raw food: meat, offal, fruits and vegetables. Unlike meat, the vegetables can be cooked. You can add Gasco pasta, rice or a variety of vitamin supplements. If you want to experiment with this type of food, please follow certain rules. Start by getting advice from a vet, who will help you to understand your pet’s nutritional requirements. You can then create typical meals to avoid deficiencies.

The importance of water must not be neglected, especially in the summer. Dogs do not sweat, they therefore need to drink a lot to effectively fight against heat.If, in addition, they eat dry food, like kibble, their water requirement increases.

Alimentation et hygiène du chien et du chat

Cats: a taste of cleanliness

Cats are clean animals that take pride in looking after themselves. Their lifestyle is largely based on their meticulous character.

In terms of hygiene, it is essential to follow certain rules. First, ensure that their litter tray is in a quiet place, away from passers by. Like us, cats need privacy. Their litter tray must also be pleasant, otherwise they won’t come back to use it. Gasco maize kernelsare particularly well suited to cats: it is vegetal, hypoallergenic and natural and prevents all kinds of respiratory problems.

It is also important to familiarise your cat with the litter trayfrom young so that it gets used to this environment. Of course, the litter traymust be changed regularly, otherwise your cat won’t use it.

In terms of hygiene, cats can be easily trained. The only essential thing is for its litter tray to be clean. In addition to keeping the litter tray clean, you should observe your cat’s behaviour. If you see it having trouble while it does its business, do not hesitate to consult a vet. Some situations can lead to the appearance of pain. Castration, for example, can lead to urinary stones. There are specific, lighter foods for this adapted to your pet’s needs.